Complete Guide to Too Tarts Candy

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Your Guide to Too Tarts

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Too Tarts, as their name would suggest, are a candy brand that is dedicated to the popular tart flavor. While they’ve perfected that unique point across multiple products, they’re also experts in achieving the ultimate sugary sweet, almost syrupy flavor and have even mastered the art of sour. The much-loved, exciting, and dynamic brand hosts a wealth of delicious products, including sprays, powder dips, and squeeze candy. So, Too Tart candy isn’t just irresistibly yummy to eat; it’s also incredibly fun! Known for its funky packaging and even funkier flavor names, Too Tarts are a hit on the candy scene.

What is Tart?

Tart is a flavor that provokes a tantalizingly tangy sensation that has become a sentimental favorite. Ingredients and foods that are classically tart are citrus fruits, rhubarb, and even a hint of vinegar. Tart is an adjective often given to indulgent pies and their taste-bud awakening fillings.

When added to candy formulas, it adds a sharp, taste-bud-tingling edge that leaves a delicious aftertaste in your mouth.  Too Tart products unleash the magic of this unique flavor by compressing this one-of-a-kind taste into delicious, bite-sized candies to be enjoyed by all!

Why is Too Tart Candy so Popular?

Too Tarts Candy have been on the scene for over two decades now. While they haven’t benefitted from similar scale marketing campaigns to their candy counterparts, they still enjoy much the same fame and popularity, largely in thanks to their mouthwatering formula and exciting approach to sweet treats. So, how have they won over large swathes of the candy-loving market?

Unique Selling Point

This brand doesn’t shy away from exclaiming its extreme tartness; in fact, they’ve written it in the name! It can be hard to come by a candy that gets tangy tartness just right – Too Tarts receives it with ease! It’s the much-loved classic taste that draws in generations old and new alike, uniting candy connoisseurs in their love for this rare yet sublime flavor! This appeal makes it a must-have for all candy shops and retail stores to keep their tart-loving customers happy.

Made in the USA

The USA is famous for its prowess and expertise when it comes to candy production. With Too Tart candy being made in this hotbed of candy greatness, it comes as no surprise that it benefits from some of its genius!

Too Tarts has that unmistakable premium candy flavor that’s a hallmark of USA-made candy. As well, while it sells fast everywhere, the “USA Candy” label ensures it sells rapidly abroad, especially to European markets.

Sugar-free Candy

Believe it or not, this sensationally sugary sweet candy is completely sugar-free. There’s not even a trace of sugar to be found in its formula making this a great choice for those looking to keep their sweet teeth looking pearly white and healthy!

So, for candy or retail stores that are looking to stock and advertise guilt-free candy options, Too Tart products are just the candy selection for them!

A Mystery Candy

While Too Tarts are a familiar sight on candy aisles and even a familiar brand name to most, relatively little is known about the candy brand. They have a knack for marketing to young candy lovers with their super cool visuals and fun, novel takes on classic candy products. However, you’ll rarely see a Too Tart advert or hear anything about the brand’s history. This mysterious aspect provides a certain edge to the brand that’s undeniably cool and maybe even appreciated by customers who keep coming back for more!

A Varied & Exciting Selection

Some brands that focus on a certain flavor tend to have difficulty expanding their horizons and branching out. A quick glance at the Too Tarts Candy Selection proves this to be wrong. Too Tart candy is the exception to the rule. As a brand, they’ve successfully translated their unique flavor across several confectionary variations, allowing them to keep a finger in every tangy pie.

What Too Tart Products are There?

The Selection of Too Tarts Candy is an undeniably fun one. Here, you’ll find anything from squeeze tubes that you can, as the name suggest, squeeze directly into your mouth to enjoy the almost nectar-sweet tangy gel-like elixir within. There’s even a super cool sour spray that you can spray directly into your mouth for a quick blast of yumminess.

While the Too Tarts Slurpers Squeeze Candy and Too Tarts Sour Sprays are certainly among the brand’s most popular products, the Too Tarts Super Sour Roller Candy doesn’t come in far behind. Coming in the funnily named flavors of Blu Bewwy, Straw Bewwy, or Gween Apple sour, these candy rollers are a big hit among kids and teenagers alike.

Adding a sour flair to their crowd-pleasing favorite is the Too Tarts Slurpers Sour Squeeze, that’s like having a small delicious storm happening in your mouth.

Adding their take to another well-loved favorite, Too Tarts have introduced their Too Tarts Dip’ N Lick Powdered Candy that comes in ultra-fun, easy-to-open, multi-colored packs that catch the eye, imagination and set cravings ablaze! Contained within is a generous helping of soft, sugary powder and a candy-chalk paddle that’s perfect for sucking, scooping, or just biting into!

Your Questions About Too Tarts: Answered 

Is Too Tarts Candy Vegan?

There is no info available as to whether Too Tarts candy products are vegan or not. However, upon inspection of their ingredient list, there appear to be no animal-derived products used in the making of the candies.

Are Too Tarts Halal?

Too Tart candies are not officially Halal-certified. However, considering the lack of animal ingredients used in their formula, it’s safe to say they’re halal.

Are Too Tarts Candy Kosher?

There is no official evidence that states Too Tarts candy is kosher. However, given their animal product-free ingredient list, they’re presumably kosher.

Do Too Tarts Products Contain Dairy or Soy?

Too Tarts products do not contain dairy or soy.

Does Too Tarts Candy Contain Gluten?

It’s not certain whether or not Too Tarts candy contains gluten.


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