Starburst: Everyone’s Fast-selling Favorite

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Starburst: Everyone’s Fast-selling Favorite

Starburst are box-shaped, fruit-flavored, individually-wrapped (sometimes) soft taffy candy manufactured by The Wrigley Company, a subsidiary of Mars, Incorporated. They’re famous for their fruity flavor and have branched out into various candy markets with exciting new flavors and textures over the years, all without losing any popularity. We're going to unwrap what makes these much-loved candies so great and get to the bottom of the "unexplainable juiciness."

Starburst: The Origin Story

Starburst candies as we know and love them today, actually started out as Opal Fruits in 1959. Produced in the UK, the four original flavors were strawberry, lemon, orange, and lime. Their look and taste would be familiar to us now – after all – there's little room to perfect on perfection. 

Before branching out to the US, it seems Mars Incorporated, the brand's owner, decided it was time for a fresh look that would appeal to the North American audience. So, they turned to their fans, asking the public to come up with a new name for the fruity chewy candies in exchange for a reward.

They were looking for something that would evocatively express the juicy burst of flavor in each bite, draw attention, and play on the space interest that was at its peak during the Space Race. 

A man called Peter Pfeffer claimed the winner's prize of £5 after putting forward the name "Starburst." The rest is delicious history.

Why are Starbursts so Popular?

Classic and trendy – at the same time?!

Yes! Starbursts are often thought of as nostalgic treats: like unwrapping a delicious little slice of childhood. However, they've also burst onto the modern scene with stellar success. One of their intriguing methods to appeal to the younger generation was to get gen Z's TikTok videos noticed by extraterrestrial lifeforms by teaming up with astrophysicist Kirsten Banks. We can't say any aliens appeared, but it was certainly fun! 

Starburst is so popular, in fact, that many artists have taken to the candy or its packaging as a colorful artistic medium. 

The Favorite of Many Candy Lovers

In 2018, it was revealed that Starburst was one of the most popular candy products in at least 9 states in the US, including Texas, North Dakota, Iowa, Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina. 

Delicious Flavor and Texture

And last but by no means least – Starburst are second to none when it comes to chewy, juicy deliciousness. In fact, we'd argue they have the market covered for small, one-bite fruity sweets.

Why You Should Stock Starburst

If you need any more convincing after reading the above, here it is: 

Starburst's valuation in January 2021 was $1,200M. Getting a slice of that colossal and lucrative pie isn't hard – especially when you buy Starburst candies in bulk. In fact, these little sweets are incredibly profitable thanks to their immense margin potential and ultra-fast selling rates. 


They also add a splash of color to any shelf or candy aisle, perfecting that "candy wonderland" look. No self-respecting candy store would be seen without a wide Starburst selection to choose from. Due to their vast popularity, they're a must-have for all retail, grocery, and candy stores. In fact, if Starburst are missing from your candy program, customers may begin to ask, "why?" 

What are Starbursts Made From?

While their brand slogan may be "Unexplainably Juicy," we're up for a challenge!

Like most candies, Starbursts are mainly made from Sugar and Corn Syrup. However, things get a little interesting when we see "citric acid" on the list. This is what gives Starburst that extra taste-bud tingling hit. Alongside that, we find highly concentrated apple juice which offers an irresistibly natural sweetness that's easy on the senses and keeps us coming back for more.  

What is the Most Popular Starburst Color?

Part of the fun of dipping into a bag (or roll) of starbursts is, to steal Sittles's slogan, to taste the rainbow. So, a large part of the starburst appeal is their multi-colored design!

Since candy science is always fun, they've even taken the time to discover what everyone's favorite Starburst color is. So what do the results say? According to statistics, pink Starburst is the tastiest flavor, and yellow is the least delicious flavor.

Even the candy's manufacturer have thrown their hat in the ring, claiming that half of all references to the candy on social media mention the pink Starburst.

Candy lovers everywhere have long bemoaned the fact that red and pink Starburst, while undeniably the most delicious, are often the rarest flavors found in packs of the chewy candy.

What Type of Starbursts are There?

Like most first-rate candy brands, Starburst have kept their fans happy over the years by diversifying their candy selection. From gummy texture to sour flavors, Starburst have lent their much-loved flavors to almost all candy types, much to the delight of candy lovers worldwide. So let's take a look at some of their most popular offerings … 

Starburst Original (also comes in Starburst Originals pouches)

Starburst Gummies Duos 

Starburst Gummies Sours 

Starburst All Pink

Starburst Airs Gummies Originals 

Starburst Gummies Berries Sours 

Starburst Airs Sour Tropical Gummies 

Wrigley's Juicy Fruit Starburst Sugar-Free Gum 

Starburst have even branched out into miniaturized versions that are dangerously easy to snack on! Just like their gummy counterparts, they have no wrapper. They can be popped directly into the mouth for instant craving-satisfying. Starburst have also branched into jelly bean territory, trying their hand at Starburst flavored jelly beans which go down a treat!

Your Questions About Starburst: Answered

Is Starburst Vegan? 

Starburst candies are not vegan. They contain animal-derived products, including gelatin.

Is Starburst Halal?

Starburst products contain beef/pork Gelatin and are therefore not Halal-certified.

Is Starburst Kosher?

Starburst candies are not Kosher-certified.

Does Starburst Contain Dairy or Soy? 

Starburst does not contain any milk, soy, or other dairy products.

Does Starburst Contain Peanuts? 

Made by Mars, you can rest assured that Starburst are made following proper precautions are taken, and guidelines followed to ensure no peanuts, tree nuts, fish traces, or allergens of any kind make their way into these individually wrapped fruit chews.




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