Everything You Need to Know About Mike and Ike Candy

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Everything You Need to Know About Mike and Ike Candy


Mike and Ike are the two names behind their shared candy project that’s become a familiar and much-loved face in candy stores and along candy aisles. They’ve made candy history, split up, reconciled, and are still going strong today while churning out a steady stream of new products and flavors to their eagerly awaiting fans. But really …

What is Mike and Ike?

Mike and Ike candy is a brand of fruit-flavored candies that were first introduced in 1940 by the company Just Born, Inc., Pennsylvania, USA. Whether or not Mike and Ike are real people remains up to debate, which is just part of the larger mysterious trend that follows the candy brand around. The origins of the candy’s name itself remains unknown, but there are many conjectures.

Why are They Called Mike and Ike?

People have claimed that the name may have come from the comic strip “Mike and Ike.” However, the comic book had come to an end before the candy originated. Some claim they were named after the Wizard of Oz characters with similar names, while others are a fan of the more practical solution: The creators’ names being Mike and Ike. The idea of there having been a company-wide contest has also been thrown into the ring, alongside the possibility the sweets were named after the American president, Dwight D. Eisenhower – whose nickname was Ike.

What’s the Story Behind Mike and Ike?

Despite the debate that surrounds the famous candy brand, Mike and Ike claim relatively simple beginnings. The brand was born (excuse the pun) of Sam Born, a Russian immigrant and candy connoisseur who started a small candy shop named Just Born in 1932. 

Did Mike and Ike break up?

Believe it or not, yes, In April 2012, Mike and Ike officially parted ways. Not so much over a lover’s tiff as an executive marketing decision to draw attention to the brand and get younger generations in on the Mike and Ike hype.

So, the company ran an ad campaign based on the premise that Mike and Ike were “breaking up” due to “creative differences”; the packaging showed one or the other name scratched out. 

By 2013, things had apparently thawed between the two candy greats, and the company announced that Mike and Ike would reunite. To mark the momentous occasion, the company re-designed their packaging and debuted a new, juicier-tasting candy alongside releasing a trailer for a movie entitled, The Return of Mike and Ike.

Why is Mike and Ike Candy so Popular?

Unbeatable Flavor

Mike and Ike are infused with authentic, high-concentrate flavorings and ingredients for a formula that’s been perfected over the years. So, when you try Mike and Ike, you enjoy a taste like never before that can’t be found anywhere else. 

What are the Flavors of Mike and Ike?

The original flavors for Mike and Ike were Cherry, Lemon, Lime, Orange, and Strawberry. As you can see – crowd-favorites. However, Mike and Ike also host a wide array of new flavors that have been released over the years, including sour variations.

Unique Candy Design

Are they gum? Nope. While they might look like a classic piece of chewy gum, they can be chewed right down and swallowed. Are they jelly beans? Closer but not quite. They have the same soft chewiness as jelly beans, but they’re just a little bit less gummy. In other words, Mike and Ike are the only place you can get this interesting, crave-worthy texture that just works!

The all-occasion candy

Mike and Ike appeal to sweet tooths of all ages. They are the perfect addition to all events including birthdays, gatherings, corporate events, and even on wedding spreads! Their varied selection includes something to please all tastes and satisfy all cravings.

They Simply Look Great

It’s no secret that Mike and Ike are eye-catching. We’ve already read above about the genius happening in their marketing offices; well, it clearly extends to their colorful, cool, and unique packaging that really stands out.

How Many Mike and Ike Candy Products are There?

Mike and Ike have branched out a long way from their original flavor days, now incorporating a variety of popular flavor profiles into their products – much to the delight of their many fans! That considered, there’s a wide selection of Mike and Ike candy to choose from.

Of course, the long list starts with Mike and Ike Original Fruit, which never gets old. Next, we have Mike and Ike Berry Blast, which incorporates all of the most popular berry flavors into their classic jelly bean-like formula. For those who’re huge fans of limitless flavor combos, Mike and Ike Mega Mix has all of their cravings covered. If they’d like to add a hit of sour to that already magnificent mix, then Mike and Ike Mega Mix Sour is for them. Mike and Ike Jolly Joe’s is their delicious ode to the classic juicy grape flavor, while Mike and Ike Red Rageous.

For those who just can’t get enough of the Mike and Ike deliciousness, Mike and Ike Theater Packs offer enough deliciousness to take on even the biggest of cravings.

Your Questions About Mike and Ike Candy: Answered

Is Mike and Ike Candy Vegan?

Yes and no. Some variations of Mike and Ike candy are completely free from animal-derived ingredients, including byproducts. However, some Mike and Ike products contain ingredients that are disputed among the vegan community. As a result, it’s best for vegans and vegetarians to exercise caution while shopping for Mike and Ike Candy.

Is Mike and Ike Candy Halal?

While there is no official proof of certification, it appears that most Mike and Ike candies are halal.

Is Mike and Ike Candy Kosher?

Yes, Mike and Ike candy is kosher.

Does Mike and Ike Candy Contain any dairy or soy products?

Mike and Ike Candy may contain traces of peanuts, tree nuts, milk, egg, and soy.

Does Mike and Ike Candy Contain Gluten?

Mike and Ike candy products are gluten-free.


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