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Retro and Nostalgic Candy Canada

Think back to your childhood.  Do you remember heading to the corner store on a Saturday morning with a grocery bag of pop bottles to cash in for candy?  What were your favorites?

Maybe you remember relishing Fun dip at the lake with all of your cousins, or you used to have contests with your friends to see who could keep a Gobstopper in their mouth the longest.

Imagine being able to help people relive those experiences, or better yet share them with a younger generation that they love. 

Not only that retro candy makes great gifts for birthdays, Christmas stocking stuffers, or simply I’m thinking about you.

Picture how amazing it would be to receive a gift basket loaded with retro candy!  Every adult who is a kid at heart would absolutely love that!

Make your convenience store, candy store, or gift shop the go-to place to find retro candy with these top choices.

Now and Later Shell Shocked Bag Candy

Now and Later Shell Shocked Bag Candies will excite and fascinate your senses. Now and Later candies, which are boldly flavored, long-lasting, and very tempting, will set your sweet desires on edge. Each candy-coated chewy bite contains a world of delight. Dip into a variety of tastes such as apple, cherry, strawberry, grape, and banana!

Cow Tales

Creamy-centered Cow Tales are the ideal nostalgic treat for any shop. Your consumers will want one of each flavor.  This includes gourmet varieties such as vanilla, caramel brownie, chocolate, caramel apple, and strawberry. 


The resurgent star of the confectionery market is Necco Chocolate Candy Wafers. This ageless classic was too good to be put on the shelf. Instead, you can now find it on the counters of both old and modern candy shops, as well as in the cabinets of family homes. Something about the body's fluffy texture and gentle crunch, which holds a universe of subdued chocolate flavor, defies all fads, time, and diets.

Abba Zaba | Delicious Peanut Butter Filled Taffy

This nostalgic sweet and sticky dessert is a delicious taste of the past! This childhood favorite is unmistakable thanks to its wrapper, which is bright yellow with black checks. You will immediately be transported back in time by the delicious, creamy peanut butter wrapped in the sweet, chewy vanilla taffy. In the 1920s, this distinctive candy bar first appeared on store shelves, delighting candy enthusiasts on the US west coast. The same decadent delight is still available today for customers and businesses to enjoy at a fantastic wholesale price. 24 2 oz. candy bars make up each box of Abba Zaba. With this wistful candy bar, rediscover the opulence of the Roaring 20s.

Sour Punch Straws

Do you like sour candy? If yes, then the retro treat for you is American licorice Sour Punch Candy. It has long been a favorite among all ages of candy enthusiasts. They have all of the trendy flavors, such as Watermelon, Rainbow, Strawberry, Cherry, Sour Green Apple, Chili Pineapple Mango, and Blue Raspberry.

Fun dip

From the 1950s to your modern-day candy business, this retro candy delivers fun, flavor, and sentimentality that sells almost as fast as you can stock it! What is there not to like? Each brightly colored pack contains a powdery blast of fizzy, fuzzy, sugary delight just waiting to burst on your tongue!


Those NERDS are a joy to eat and share at any time of day or night. Big Chewy, NERDS Rope, and NERDS Gummy Clusters some are not only sweet but also sour. There are such a huge variety of NERDS products to choose from.  Not only were they a popular candy during our childhood, but they also continue to be requested by children and youth today.

Dots Theater Box Candy

One of the most well-known American candies is Tootsie Dots. They have been around since 1945 and are the neighborhood's "old kid" who never ceases to amaze. Each vibrant, entertaining packet is filled with a treasure trove of gumdrop candies in every hue of the rainbow.

Tootsie Roll Mini Bites Theater Pack Candy

Since their US production began in 1907, Tootsie Rolls have endured without even a single alteration to their legendary formula. Tootsie Rolls have always been a goldilocks zone favorite because they combine the best of both worlds for an ethereally delectable flavor that is neither taffy nor caramel. The classic, taffy-like flavor is now available in little form, with each tiny treat providing a powerful flavor punch.

Charleston Chew

Since its introduction, the Charleston Chew has established itself as a favorite among Americans. It is a chewy, chocolate-flavored nougat covered in a rich, chocolatey covering. The bars come in a delectable chocolate flavor and are named after the Charleston, a well-known dance from the early 20th century. For more than 85 years, this straightforward yet delectable dessert has been sold all over the world, and we can see why: it's incredibly tasty and moreish! Try chilling the bar as an alternative for a chewier treat that is still filled with delicious flavor.

Charleston Chew is the ideal expansion of your business. They also make a delicious gift and are ideal to distribute during celebrations or milestone occasions because they are sure to be so much fun. For people of all ages, these nostalgic sweet delicacies are a tremendous favorite!

Mike and Ikes

Incorporate Mike and Ike Original Fruit Theater Pack Candy into your retail program. Each theatre box contains candy in the flavors of cherry, lemon, lime, strawberry, and orange.

Ideal for all retail establishments. Outstanding value for your customers.

Hot Tamales

With our Hot Tamales Theater Pack, get pumped! Every time you put a sweet, spicy cinnamon chew in your mouth, you'll experience a wave of nostalgic, childlike reminiscence as well as a brand-new sense of taste!

Everlasting Gobstoppers

Introducing the unusual candy chameleon that changes flavor and color as you eat it. This Gobstopper is ideal for the undecided, those with insatiable cravings, and anybody who has ever fantasized about entering the fantastical realm of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It's like the entire candy shop in one rounded hard sweet that you can just about fit in your gob. Take ownership of your title!

Everyone wants to get their hands on these amazing Gobstoppers because they are a miracle of sweet innovation.

Laffy Taffy

The name "Laffy Taffy" relates to both the taffy's texture and its personification of silliness: On the outside of each wrapper, brief, question-and-answer-style jokes are printed, such as "What do you call a cow with no legs? - Ground beef."   These jokes are typically submitted by children, who are acknowledged on the wrapper.

Laffy Taffy is an American brand of taffy candies made by the Ferrara Candy Company, a Ferrero subsidiary.   Individually wrapped taffy rectangles in a variety of colors and fake fruit flavors, including banana, strawberry, green apple, grape, blueberry, watermelon, blue raspberry, and cherry, weigh around 45 grams (1.6 oz). Caramel apple, coconut, strawberries & cream, apple crisp, chocolate mousse, pumpkin doughnut, pineapple, guava, orange sorbet, and lemon raspberry are among the most unusual flavors. 

Pop Rocks

Who doesn't recall standing in the dark in front of a mirror, trying to see if the Pop Rocks crackling on your tongue were sparking? Pop Rocks Candy is well-known among candy enthusiasts of all ages. Make sure to include this legendary retro candy from the 1980s in your order.

Milk Duds

A whole box of Milk Duds is the only thing better than a packet of them! Each caramel ball is encased in a rich sweet chocolate coating and is a veritable pleasure. The cocoa-rich chocolate formula is a tense prelude to a weighty, tense caramelly interlude that you can truly sink your teeth into.

These sugar-filled treasure troves are a nostalgic addition to any candy store. Their winning blend of convenience and coolness makes them a definite winner and best-seller. They also look great during parties, celebrations, and nice nights by the fire.

Good and Plenty

Licorice is an acquired taste for some people. Others battle every day not to buy a year's supply. We have the gateway licorice here, which leads to the latter scenario. The retro-cool packaging of the Good & Plenty licorice theatre box draws your attention before urging you to take it as your own and start nibbling!

The soft and chewy candy is perfect for any movie marathon, snack session, or baking adventure.


Sunline Inc.'s CEO, Menlo F. Smith, developed the sweet and sour candies in 1962. To extend the market for the acidic taste sensation, the candy was produced utilizing the same basic recipe as the existing popular Pixy Stix and Lik-M-Aid (Fun Dip) brands. SweeTarts debuted in 1963 in the same flavors as Pixy Stix: cherry, grape, lemon, lime, and orange.

Sweetarts are the ultimate candy for sharing. Everyone has a preferred flavor, making them enjoyable to trade.

It’s well known that people make purchase decisions based on emotions and when we come across a well-loved candy treat that brings up good memories we can’t help but buy it, enjoy it and tell people a story about the experience, and where we got the retro candy that created it.

This is how retro candy can make your store stand out from the competition.






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