Kervan Candy: Your One-stop-shop For All your Halal Candy Needs

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Kervan is Turkey’s number one producer and exporter of Gummies, Licorice, and Marshmallow candy. Famous for their Bebeto and Yumy Yumy brands, Kervan also produces pretty much any candy flavor, type, and texture you can imagine! Providing almost 200 types of candy worldwide, Kervan have become a pillar of the confectionary industry, and quite the familiar name, as well.

A short History of Kervan

Kervan came to be in 1995 but didn’t get their first production line until 1998, meaning they spent three years up close and personal with their formulas and products, learning what does and what doesn’t work, perfecting the process all the while.

In 2011, Kervan expanded to the United States, selling bulk candy. In their own words, “Our goal is to continue producing great tasting, high-quality gummies for all to enjoy!!”

And they don’t plan on being left behind by a rapidly evolving confectionary industry. Instead, using their advanced technology and skilled R&D Department, Kervan continually develops unique and innovative products ranging from organic to beneficial Gummies. 

Why You Should Stock Kervan Candy

A Flavor That Keeps Them Coming Back for More

Unlike some bulk candies, Kervan packs a powerful flavor punch in each chewy bite. The candies have a notably sweet touch alongside distinct fruity flavorings that make them the stuff of cravings.

Highly Profitable

When bought in bulk, Kervan Candy is the self-gift that never stops giving. Each Kervan package is brimming with delicious goodness that comes at an incredibly affordable price. Of course, this means big margins for you and a never-ending supply of craving-satisfying candy for your customers. 

Kervans amazingly affordable cost also offers you a competitive edge that only competitive pricing can give. You’ll gain a reputation for being the most low-cost sweet seller around!

Incredibly Versatile

Everyone loves a little innovation from their retail and candy stores. So, why not get creative and take advantage of those large Kervan bags of candy? Some ideas include delving the sweets into individual candy bags to be resold at a higher price. Or, you could add them to a candy buffet table, allowing your customer the fun of choosing what they want! As well, these funky, multi-colored, and multi-product tables add an incredibly professional yet exciting look to your premises. 

Eye Candy

Think your store is looking a little bland? Does it need a little extra something, maybe a pop of color? Well, Kervan bulk candy and their clear packaging have you covered! Each package is a visual feast for the eyes. They can be stocked high in candy stores to cover up the “blandness” that often haunts those top shelves. Or, they can be added to candy jars for that retro-cool appeal that’s so popular in candy stores these days.

The Ideal All-occasion Candy

As a halal and kosher-certified candy, everyone can dip into Kervan candy bowls. But that’s not all; of course, there’s a massive selection of Kervan products to choose from, meaning there’ll always be a treat to suit everyone’s tastes. 

From Halloween to office parties, Kervan candy always steals the show. 

A One-stop-shop Candy

With a seemingly endless variety of candy products to choose from, Kervan candy takes the headache out of shopping! Suppose you’re looking to add a high-quality, profitable, and delicious twist to your candy program that’ll keep customers coming through the door for more. In that case, Kervan candy is your only bet!

To gain that varied and exciting selection edge, you won’t have to place multiple orders and wait on several deliveries; instead, you can meet all your candy needs in one place! This gives you time to focus on what matters: your business and your customer’s satisfaction.

100% Halal Candy Guaranteed

Made in Turkey, where Islam is the predominant religion, all Kervan candy products are produced following halal dietary guidelines. In fact, so sure and proud are they of their Hala-certified status that they even display their Halal certificate on their official site

This is an incredibly unique selling point when it comes to candy, as the halal status of many confectionary products is fuzzy at best. In other words, Kervan is an inclusive candy that everyone can enjoy without any doubts in mind!

Always Fresh

Kervan are candy manufacturers that are famous for their diligence when it comes to quality. Every batch is as delicious and flavourful as the next, so you never have to worry about what you’re giving your customers. They’re also well-known for their reliability and efficiency, meaning you’ll never be out of stock for long. 

What Products do Kervan Offer?

Kervan are famous for their seemingly never-ending candy selection. They’ve essentially covered all bases, including flavors, textures, scents, and whatever else your candy-loving heart could dream of! We’ve listed some of the more popular Kervan sweet options below:

Kervan Candy Products:

And the list really and truly goes on …

Your Questions About Kervan Candy: Answered

Is Kervan Candy Vegan?

There are no official statements on whether or not Kervan Candy is vegan. However, a look through the candy’s ingredients shows no direct use of animal-derived products, suggesting that Kervan candy is a safe bet for vegans. That said, the candy is produced in a facility that also produces products containing milk. As a result, more strict vegans may want to steer clear.  

Is Kervan Candy Halal?

Yes, Kervan Candy is 100% Halal-certified.  

Does Kervan Candy Contain Dairy or Soy?

Kervan Candy may contain dairy and say, as their products are produced in a facility that also processes gluten, soy lecithin, tree nuts, milk, and milk products.

Does Kervan Candy Contain Nut Products? 

Kervan Candy products may contain traces of nuts. 

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