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Sour Punch Candy has been a staple on North American candy shelves for upward of three decades. Peering out from the shelves are the familiar, cheeky, sourly twisted faces that buzz about every Sour Punch packet. Behind their guard is hidden a world of chewy, sweet, sour-coated goodness that’s kept sweet tooth cravings at bay since 1990.

Leaders in the Sour Confection Category

American Licorice Co. knew they stood to hit it big by throwing their hat into the trendy sour, fruit-flavored straws ring. Since 1914, the candy manufacturer had been turning out American candy favorites, even claiming ownership of Red Vines. Chewy, licorice candy with a sour twist had always been the name of their game, and they perfected their technique with Sour Punch Candy. Their uniquely sweet and sour and sugary texture proved an instant hit. 

The bold colors and even bolder flavors packed and still pack a punch to this day. 

But Don’t Mix Them up

Not to be mistaken with Sour Patch, Sour Punch claim their own part of the sour candy territory – and they more than stand up on their own in both flavor and texture. In fact, one of the biggest differences between both candies is Sour Punches chewier, softer bite.

What Does Sour Punch Candy Taste Like?

The original Sour Punch Candy flavors are Strawberry, Apple, Blue Raspberry, Cherry, or Watermelon. Interestingly, some Sour Punch fans claim that a handful of the fruity sweets taste just like chowing down on a juicy grape!

What Type of Sour Punch Candy are There?

Over the years, Sour Punch has branched out into various products that have all been welcomed with glee by fans. Sour Punch Ropes are the sweet (or sour) treat to eat for long-lasting sour enjoyment. For sour sharing, Sour Punch Twists are individually-wrapped sour candy; perfect for sharing and snacking anytime.

Sour punch Straws

Little multi-colored pack that fits right in the palm of your hand with 8-10 straws in each pack. Thin yet long stringy straws seemingly spanning the color of the rainbow. Each fruit-flavored chewy straw is generously dusted in sour sugar with plenty of tasty residues left in the container for finger-licking and dipping! The best part? They come in a variety of flavors:

They’re  essentially sweet and sour edible drinking straws FYI, they work best with frozen and iced beverages. And finally, Sour Punch is reintroducing its Grape Straws as a permanent offering, much to the delight of fans!

Sour Punch Bites

Sour Punch Bites are usually offered in one of many color pouches. They are soft and chewy fruit-flavored candy smothered in signature sour sugar coating – so just like classic Sour Punch Candy but smaller! Within each pouch is a world of Apple, Blue Raspberry, Strawberry, cherry, watermelon, or assorted flavors.

Sour punch mini bites

Getting more minuscule and kid-friendly still, Sour Punch Bites are also available in an ultra-tiny, just as flavorful version!

Sour Punch Twists

A little on the larger side than Sour Punche’s other offerings, Sour Punch twists are a more substantial snack. As the name would suggest, they’re a long piece of chewy candy that’s been twisted into a delicious coil. Each coil is deliciously flavored, covering a mouthwatering list of flavors: Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Strawberry, and apple. They’re often offered in a tub-like container which makes them perfect for counter top positioning!

How is Sour Punch Candy Made?

Sour Punch Candy is made from a blend of sugar, flour, corn syrup, and water in giant kettles. The ingredients are mixed to a perfect consistency before color and flavor are added. Finally, the final step arrives … 

What’s the Secret Behind the Sour Punch Candy Sour?

Like many other sour candies, they are coated with a dusting of sour sugar to supply the familiar sour flavor.

What Makes Sour Punch Candy so Popular?

The All-around Perfect Package 

Sour Punch Candy has a unique, unmistakable flavor that can’t be found in any other product. Each bite-size candy piece is bursting with fruity sweet & sour flavor for a mouthwatering mood boost. As well, the sweets come in fun colors and varied flavors that always hit the ‘Satisfy’ button on your cravings just right.

All the above makes for a variety of sour-sweet treat options that are popular at any occasion or event due to their ability to appeal to candy lovers of all ages and tastes. As well, Sour Patch Twists are a trendy Halloween candy due to being individually wrapped and easy to hand out to kids or stack high in candy bowls.

Just Sour Enough 

On a scale of not sour at all to face-twistingly sour – you’ll find Sour Punch Candy somewhere in the middle. They’re the perfect entry point for budding sour fans; kids can also enjoy the lightly sweet sourness that doesn’t overpower the taste buds. Not everyone wants to prove their endurance while eating these tasty treats. Some buy sour candy to help stave off nausea and more. 

A Healthy Alternative 

Interestingly, despite benefiting from the same rich, irresistible deliciousness as other candies, the Sour Punch formula is low in fat and sodium, making it a relatively healthy choice for smart snackers.

Limited-edition American Candy Edge 

Unlike some other candies, Sour Punch has not yet reached the global market. While it’s sure to garner popularity further afield soon, it’s still a relatively rare sight on store shelves in the UK, Europe, and beyond. 

Coincidently, it also happens to enjoy the ‘American Candy’ status that adds novelty to any sweet product. As a result, Sour Punch candy tends to sell rapidly abroad.

Your Questions About Sour Punch Candy: Answered

Is Sour Punch Candy Vegan?

Sour Punch Candy is vegan-friendly and does not contain gelatin. From the listed ingredients alone, Sour Punch Straws can be considered vegan candies as no animal-based ingredients are specified.

Is Sour Punch Candy Halal?

Sour Punch Candy is Halal-certified.

Is Sour Punch Candy Kosher?

Sour Punch Candy is Kosher-certified.

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