5 Easy Steps to Improve Your Store

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Store operators sometimes get  complacent and neglect their stores. Sitting in the same spot for several years even decades, it is easy to lose focus. Simply put, store operators can no longer see the forest from the trees. Here are several tips that we’ve compiled for your review. 

Fresh Products

Be sure you shelves are stocked with the freshest product possible. Remember if a customer picks up a past code items they will assume everything is the store is past code. Toss out expired products. It's cheaper in the long run. 

Tidy up

Always keep the floor and windows clean. Dust the shelf on a regular basis.  People visiting your convenience store or gas bar don’t notice clean windows but they will notice them when they are dirty. Change discolored ceiling tiles, remove wiring and clutter. Clean the floors on a regularly basis and Keep the parking lot and walkway free of debris.  A thorough cleaning will keep your store smelling fresh. No one wants to walk into a store that smells like ???. 

Well lit Stores.

A well lit store is inviting to customers. Be sure that the outside sign is will lite and that outdoor lighting is working properly. Remove clutter from the window so customers can see inside. Walking into a dark and dinging store at night can be scary and perceived unsafe. 

Something new every time

Always have something new to offer your customers. Your customers look forward to seeing something new on the counter. Novelty, retro candy as well as fudge and pretzels are a perfect addition. 

Take advantage of your retail environment

Do you have a school nearby or maybe a factory? If so, find out who your customers are and focus on what they require. Remember, candy is loved by both yonge and old. Always remember to greet your customers with a smile.

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