Top 15 Candy Bars That You Will Only Find in Canada

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 Canada is world-renowned for its friendly citizens, beautiful snow-covered mountain tops, and gorgeous scenery. But did you know that Canada is also famous for its delicious candy?

There are so many wonderful candy bars that are only available in Canada, but never fear! If you’re looking for Canadian candy, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re looking for wholesale candy to put in your business or you’re just a candy enthusiast, is the premiere place to buy all of your Canadian favorites!


While there are tons of different candies that have made Canada famous, there are 15 that always come out on top.

 1. Eatmore Candy bar

Starting our list is Eat-More chocolate bars!

These delicious treats are a product of Hershey and they are made out of dark toffee, peanuts, and chocolate. Eat-More bars combine chewy yet firm textures with delicious chocolatey and nutty flavors to create a candy bar that will leave you craving more!

 2. Jersey Milk

A famous Canadian treat, Jersey Milk bars are known for their white and gold wrapping. The chocolate bar was developed by Neilson Dairy and even though it was sold to Cadbury's in 1996, the Neilson name still stands on the wrapping in red letters.

A Jersey Milk, or a Neilson Jersey Milk as some call them, is a solid milk chocolate bar. They come in a variety of flavors and variations, like the Jersey Milk Miniatures, Jersey Milk Buds, Jersey Milk with Peanuts, and Jersey Milk Treasures.

One of their most unique bars ever in production was the Jersey Milk Treasures, which is unfortunately no longer in production. This chocolate bar contained six different flavors within the bar itself! Each square was a different flavor and flavors included Turkish Delight, Caramel, Praline, Bordeaux, Strawberry, and Nougat.

You can’t find treats like this anywhere other than Canada!

3. Big Turk

Another delicious Canadian favorite is a Turkish delight treat. The Big Turk is a candy bar that is made by Nestle and it sure does pack a ton of great flavor!

The Big Turk can be found in a red, white, and blue striped wrapper and is a dark magenta Turkish delight that is then coated in a wonderful chocolate coating. It is the only Canadian candy bar still in production that features a Turkish Delight flavor.

4. Coffee Crisp

Coffee lovers, we have a coffee bar for you! The Coffee Crisp is a product of Nestle that is famous for its delicious and unique flavor.

When you bite into a Coffee Crisp chocolate bar, you can expect to taste vanilla wafers, decadent coffee, and delicious milk chocolate. This layered bar makes a great treat for anyone looking for something different but delicious.

The Coffee Crisp has been in production since 1938 and once you taste one, you will understand why!

5. Glosette Raisins


Though not technically a candy bar, we couldn’t make a list of the top Canadian candies without including Glosette Raisins!

A retro favorite, this Hershey's candy is a sweet treat. Juicy and delicious raisins are covered in milk chocolate for a satisfying candy that will leave you wanting more. Glosette Raisins are a staple in Canadian movie theaters!

6. Crispy Crunch

Flaky and crunchy peanut butter combines with creamy milk chocolate to create the Crispy Crunch bar.

A Cadbury product, Crispy Crunch chocolate bars are a Canadian favorite and at one time they were actually sold in the United States as well! In the 1990s, lovers of Crispy Crunch could get these delicious chocolate bars in either country. Unfortunately, this shortly ended and the bar was then sold exclusively in Canada where it has remained ever since.

Faithful fans of the Crispy Crunch say that the recipe has changed over the years, going from saltier to a now more sweet version, but their love has never waivered! Try it for yourself!

7. Crunchie

One of the most unique chocolate bars in creation, the Crunchie bar is made up of a honeycomb toffee that has left fans wondering for ages if it had a real honeycomb inside!

A Crunchie is a delicious bar with a honeycomb toffee that is then covered in milk chocolate. Some call it a "sponge toffee", some call it a "cinder toffee", and we just call it delicious! A Cadbury product, you can find the Crunchie bar in snack sizes, king sizes, and even just a standard size.

 8. Smarties

While there is a brand of candy called Smarties that is available in the states, don’t get it confused with the Canadian favorite! Canadian Smarties are way different than the United States Smarties and have gained a loyal following for a reason! Though they will never be sold in the U.S. due to copyright laws with the Smarties Candy Company, you can buy them from us no matter where you live!


Smarties are chocolate candies that are sugar-coated. They come in different colors and are shaped like little circles, making them the perfect snack or treat. Smarties are a Nestle product and they have been in production since 1937!

 9. Skor


Rich milk chocolate with decadent butter toffee, what more could you ask for?

Skor is a chocolate bar that was created by the Hershey Company back in 1981. It quickly became a Canadian favorite thanks to its sweet and bold flavors! In fact, it was created originally to serve as a competitor to the Heath bar, which is now a Hershey product as well (though it hasn’t always been).

The Skor bar is marketed as “The candy bar with the taste of Sweden”.

10. Wunderbar

The name Wunderbar comes from a German phrase that means “wonderful”, which is exactly what you’ll think after trying this delicious treat!

Chewy and rich caramel is paired with creamy peanut butter and rice crisps to create a candy bar like no other. When you’re looking for something crunchy, salty, and sweet, you’ll be sure to reach for a Wunderbar!

 11. Mr. Big

Have a huge sweet tooth? Mr. Big is the largest chocolate bar that Cadbury produces and it will leave you completely satisfied!


Mr. Big is as big as two regular-sized candy bars and is composed of caramel, peanuts, rice crisps, and a vanilla wafer that is then covered in chocolate. It combines the best of every flavor and the result is a unique chocolate bar that satisfies any craving.

Don’t believe us? See for yourself!

 12. Mirage

The Mirage chocolate bar is a Canadian favorite that is primarily sold within the country.

It is a delicious milk chocolate bar that is produced by Nestle and it comes in a beautiful yellow-white wrapper. This chocolate bar is unique because it is manufactured in a peanut-free facility, making it safe for those with allergies and a great choice for anyone looking for an allergen-friendly treat!

 13. Areo Bar

Aero bars were ahead of their time and were produced with the promise of being the “new chocolate”.


These delicious milk chocolate bars are known for their aeration or bubbly texture. They are created by heating chocolate and then aerating it to create bubbles, and then allowing the chocolate to cool which at the same time allows those bubbles to expand. The result is a unique chocolate bar that is light and airy.

The bars were sold everywhere at one point, but they were never as famous anywhere as they were in Canada! Today, it is easy to find an Aero Bar in Canada but practically impossible in the United States as they are no longer distributed there.

 14 Bounty 

A Mars bar creation, the Bounty bar encapsulates all of the best features of the popular Mounds bars.


A chocolate-covered coconut-filled delight, Bounty bars are a Canadian treat that is no longer sold in the United States. Called "a taste of paradise", these delicious bars can be found in their famous wrappers that showcase a palm tree and coconut.

 15. Caramilk

Caramilk is a famous Canadian treat that is produced by Cadbury and has mouths watering all over the world, but did you know there are two different versions of it?


In fact, Cadbury has TWO different Caramilk bars. Our favorite is the one produced in Canada, which is a milk chocolate bar that has a delicious caramel filling. But in Australia, Caramilk is a white chocolate bar that is filled with caramel!


This delicious chocolate bar has been in production since 1968 and isn't going anywhere anytime soon!


Canadian Candy Bars

Whether you're looking for something salty, chocolatey, caramelly, or coconut-flavored, Canada has a wide range of favorites that are sure to leave you satisfied! With so many unique options to choose from, the only question left is how will you ever decide on just one!


Canadian chocolate and candy make a unique and special dessert for any occasion and makes your retail location the perfect local spot for international treats!

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