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Willy Wonka is the king of candy. His gobstoppers, chocolate river, and golden tickets are legendary. And his fictional chocolate factory is iconic. Wonka’s name is synonymous with good candy, and by stocking Willy Wonka inspired candy, yours can be too.

What is Wonka candy?

Willy Wonka inspired candy is a selection of delicious sweet treats that would fit in Wonka's famous chocolate factory perfectly. You might recognize some of these popular candies from the movie and book, and others reflect the weird and wacky land Wonka owns. Your name doesn't need to be Charlie to experience the taste explosion and awe-inspiring nature of this candy!

The benefits are:

Famous name

Everyone knows Willy Wonka. Whether they're fans of the Johnny Depp movie or the Roald Dahl  novel, people of all ages love Willy Wonka. By having a Willy Wonka inspired candy display in your shop, you can take your customers down memory lane and remind them of the beauty and wonder of their favourite chocolate factory. Capitalise on the famous title and provide a nostalgic experience other candy shops don't with a Willy Wonka inspired candy display.  

Eye-catching displays

Remember the magic setting of the Chocolate factory? Vibrant colour, indulgent imagery, and mouthwatering scenes. Transform your shop into a candy wonderland and receive the same response as Wonka's marvellous chocolate factory.

Our selection of Wonka-inspired sweet treats has the branding, reputation, and flavour necessary for an eye-catching display that's far superior to your competitors!

Available in a range of sizes

An imaginative and artistic candy display needs to contain a mix of colour and shape. We offer several candy sizes, from count goods to theatre boxes and peg bags. You can cater to your customer's demands and ensure your candy wonderland is the best on the block.

Our range of Wonka inspired candy

Wonka is famous for his extensive range of incredible candy, and you can be too. Add these irresistible candies to your store and watch it transform into the candy wonderland you’ve always dreamed of.


Nerds remain one of the most popular candies on the market. The mix of fruity and chewy is a combination that never goes out of style.

We stock Nerds, Nerds Ropes, and Nerds Theatre Box. And these small yet delicious candy pieces are available in Watermelon, Surf & Turf, Wild Berry, Grape-Strawberry, Tropical, and more! And don't forget to stock up on the sour selection for those candy-lovers who can't resist a kick!


No child can resist the unusual yet delicious experience of sucking on a gobstopper. Although old-school, these exciting candy treats remain popular among children and nostalgic adults.

We offer two ranges of Gobstoppers: Everlasting and Chewy. Those who love the ease and comforting sensation of a soft sweet will enjoy the chewy while original gobstopper fans won't be able to resist Everlasting! Everlasting Gobstoppers are sold in theatre boxes and count goods.



Get your five a day the fun way with Runts candy. These fruit-shaped mini candies may look like fruit, but we promise they're much tastier!

We stock runts in theatre boxes and count goods. We're pretty sure that once your customers taste these, they won't be able to stop eating!

The unique exterior of runts candy makes them ideal for your extravagant candy displays. Once customers get a closer look, they won't be able to resist the adorable fruit shapes and bright colours.

Laffy Taffy

Another all-time favourite is Laffy Taffy. We bet you can't find anyone in North America who doesn't love the chewiness of a Laffy Taffy strip.

To cater to the Laffy fanatics that come into your store, we stock a range of mouth-watering flavours. Let them pick from Strawberry, Grape, Banana, Cherry, and Watermelon. Laffy Taffy is available in theatre boxes, count good, and bulk.

Bottle Caps & Sweet Tarts

Lesser-known but no less tasty. Our Willy Wonka inspired candy includes Bottle Caps and Sweet Tarts. Sweet Tarts are perfect for lovers of Laffy Taffy and Nerds. And fans of Gobstoppers will love Bottle Caps.

Although your customers might not be familiar with these colourful candies yet, we guarantee they won't be able to resist after seeing them in your Wonka inspired candy display!

Are you ready to create the candy wonderland of your childhood (and adult!) dreams?! Click here to browse our full range of Willy Wonka inspired candy. We recommend picking your bestsellers alongside a few new ranges for your customers to try. Once they’ve experienced the wonder of Willy Wonka inspired candy there will be no going back!

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