Why You Should Add Claeys Old Fashioned Candy to Your Retail Program

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Are you searching for ways to upgrade your retail program? We've got the answer you're looking for. Claeys Old Fashioned Candy is always a fan favourite among candy connoisseurs. This old-fashioned candy never goes out of style. Don't believe us? Here's why Claeys Old Fashioned Candy deserves a spot in your delicious retail program.

Rich history

Claeys Candy has been in business since 1919-- that's over 100 years of quality candy-making! And you can taste these years of expert craftsmanship and skill in every single Claeys old-fashioned candy bag. Older customers will appreciate the nostalgic value of Claeys, especially with its retro packaging. And new fans will adore the old school, retro aesthetic. No matter their age, customers are guaranteed to appreciate a candy that's stood the test of time and is still one of Canada's more popular sweet treats.

Old Fashioned Packaging

As we've mentioned, Claeys Old Fashion candy comes in iconic vintage packaging. Against a backdrop of neon colours and gimmicks cartoons, Claeys will always stand out. Their thick Kraft bag and black and white imagery instantly take you back to candy stores of the past. Cater to the more sophisticated eye and tap into consumers’ candy nostalgia by having a selection of Claeys candy packets on your shop rack.

Incredible Flavours

Candy isn't just about aesthetics (although this is an essential component), it needs to taste great too! And Claeys never fails to deliver when it comes to taste. Claeys Old Fashioned Candy is available in twelve mouth watering flavours. Pick from Horehound, Lemon, Green Apple, Assorted Fruit, Sassafras, Anise, Licorice, Watermelon, Root beer and more! Every piece of Claeys Old Fashioned Candy promises to get your taste buds tingling and hand reaching out for more.

Retro candy is highly sought after

As much as we love our modern gummies and indulgent candy bars, sometimes you can't beat a classic hard candy and traditional favour. Claeys nostalgic candy caters to a market that will never tire of its product. Lemon drops, liquorice, and peppermint are among the world's most popular candy flavours. How do we know? Well, because they've been around for decades, and consumer demand has never wavered. When you add Claeys Old Fashioned candy to your retail program, you're making a safe investment, and that's what you need to keep your business afloat. Purchase Claeys nostalgic candy and provide what customers desire.

Excellent Wholesale Pricing

You know at Candyonline.ca we're all about helping you save money! We want as many people as possible to experience the taste sensations candy has to offer. Claeys has a retail value of $2.29 to $2.49 per bag. But, if you bulk buy $1500.00 worth of Claeys Old Fashion Candy, you can retail it for $2.00, attracting more customers and Claeys fans! Trust us, at $2.00 a bag, your Claeys Retro Candy bags will be flying off the shelves!

Attract New Customers

Claeys Old Fashioned Candy remains one of Canada's most popular candy brands. The nostalgic candy is sold in grocery stores, pharmacies, candy stores, hardware stores and other specialty stores. Right now, there are over 200 stores across Ontario selling Claeys Old Fashioned Candy! Once you start selling this super popular candy range, you can attract a variety of new customers. These Claeys lovers will come for their favourite old-fashioned candy but stay for all your other delicious treats!

What Adding Claeys Old Fashioned Candy To Your Retail Program Looks Like

Still on the fence about adding Claeys Old Fashioned Candy to your retail program? Let us set the scene.

You’re stocking the shelves, filling them with new packets of Claeys Old Fashioned Candy. You’re hesitant about how these will sell, so you put them right by the till in eye view.  John pops in on the way to the hardware store, ready to purchase a packet of Milk Duds for a much-needed sugar rush. At the till he notices you sell Claeys Old Fashioned Candy Drops. These sweet hard candies always remind him of his Nan. He sometimes picks a packet of Claeys liquorice hard candies up from the hardware store, but they don’t stock lemon. He adds the packet to his purchase. Thanking you, he opens the packet and tastes the familiar sweet and sour sensation he remembers so vividly from his childhood.

Next week, John pops in again, this time he goes straight to the Claeys stand. Once he’s tasted the sweet flavours of nostalgia he can’t get enough. But this time, he picks up a few new flavours; watermelon and root beer. He informs you that these candies are for his children, he wants to pass on the tradition. Over the next few weeks, John and his family become regular Claeys buyers, along with a whole host of other customers who enjoy the comfort of nostalgic hard candy.

Ready to experience the power of stocking nostalgic candy in your store and attract loyal customers like John? Click here and add Claeys Old Fashioned Candy to your retail program.

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