3 Ways To Use Retro Candy

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There's nothing better than biting into a soft piece of candy to have a million memories come flooding back. Perhaps the taste of spearmint always reminds you of your nanna. Nerds take you right back to standing outside the corner shop as a kid. And you can't help to smile over the arguments you had with your brother over the last Milk Dud in the packet. Those were the days. But, retro candy doesn't just have to be a warm memory. There are loads of fun and nostalgic ways you can give these sugary treats of the past the respect they deserve. In this blog post, we're sharing three ways to use retro candy. Any excuse for another packet of milk duds, eh?.

Give retro candy gift baskets

There's no better present than food. And definitely no better gift than candy. If you have a celebration coming up, why not create a retro candy gift basket that looks great and tastes great too?

It's your best friend's birthday. What do you get from the person who's been in your life for so many years? They've been with you through everything. From preschool to parenthood, you've always been a duo. And now you're racking your brain for a meaningful and sentimental gift that shows them just how much you cherish your relationship. The retro candy gift basket is perfect! Pick out a nice basket from your local craft store and fill it with all the treats you enjoyed together as a kid. Those Nerds you ate outside the corner shop, Gobstoppers you'd fill your cheeks with on the playground, and tootsies rolls you could not stop eating in college. A million memories will come flooding back as they unwrap a beautifully curated retro candy basket. And you're likely to get to enjoy a few of your old school faves together. What could be better than that?

Put together a retro candy buffet

You're going all out on an event with your friends and family. But this isn't just any old occasion; it's special. You want it to be a day people look back on and smile in years to come. But how can you achieve such an iconic event? What will set this day apart from so many others you've had with these people? It's time to go all-out. Put your Pinterest hat on. It's candy buffet time.

Take your guests on the nostalgic ride of a lifetime. Playing on those heartstrings is guaranteed to elevate your celebration, trust us. Layout an array of old school candy and let your guests help themselves to the best candy store in town. Glass jars full of M&Ms, mountains of Hubba Bubba, and sweet shop bags brimming with Sweet Tarts. Their mouths will be watering just at the sight of it!

Hide a secret stash of retro candy

We've established how you can share the joys of retro candy with those you love, but now it's time for you to indulge. Remember that old school movie night you were craving a packet of Razzles as you watched your favourite childhood movie? And that stressful day you were crying out for some Laffy Taffy to take you back in time? With a personalized retro candy stash, you'll never have to fill this way again. Order a selection of your favourite confectionary and keep them hidden away. We recommend an office draw, a kitchen cupboard that's too tall for the kids to reach or a retro candy box in the back of the car if you're trying to be super sneaky. So when you next feel like you need some 'me time', you've got your favourite candies to see you through and take you back to a simpler time.

We know you love retro candy as much as we do, so why deprive yourself of the taste sensation of biting into your favourite sweet snacks? There's nothing wrong with craving the past now and then—It makes us human! And food is an incredible way to reminisce and re-experience the past.

These three retro candy ideas are guaranteed to make you and those around you appreciate the wonders of old school candy (candy that has stood the test of time and still tastes great!) If you're ready to create your dreamy candy buffet, put together a selection of mouthwatering treats for a friend, or simply indulge in your alone time, click here and browse our full range of retro candy.


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