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Haribo candy is one of the world leaders in candy manufacturing and the top world renowned benchmark when it comes to gummy candy. As the inventor of the gummy bear, Haribo has a decadent history and an impressive list of gummy candies that leaves candy fanatics thrilled with every bag they tear open.

Haribo History

Haribo was founded on December 13, 1920, in Kessenich, Bonn, Germany. Two years later in 1922, Haribo formed gummy bears, which were their first gummy candy ever. The extremely popular candy manufacturing company was named Haribo, after the founder’s name and the place he was born. He used Haribo as sort of an acronym, and it has stayed that way since its original founding.

What started as a small operation with just a husband and wife soon expanded into an extensive candy operation that exploded worldwide. Haribo began opening up confectionary manufacturers all over the place, in tons of different countries.

Their most famous candy is their gummy bear, which they call the Gold bear. They produce hundreds of millions of Gold bears daily in their factories worldwide and these sweet little bears produce the most money for the company out of all of their products. 

Haribo Flavors

Haribo has some of the most delicious flavors of gummy candies on the market. With a huge selection and a name as notable as Haribo, there’s something for everyone within their lovingly developed bags of gummy candy.


Haribo has an extensive selection of fruit flavored gummy snacks to leave any fruit lover satisfied.

Happy Cherries is a delicious and popular flavor that comes in a bag full of cherry shaped gummies. These wonderful gummies give off a memorable sweet cherry candy flavor that you’ll never forget.

Fruit Salad is a mix of all of your favorite fruit flavors in one bag! The gummies within this bag are shaped like the fruits that they are flavored as, making your bag like a bag of real fruit salad! This is a popular option for anyone who can’t decide on a flavor and wants a mix of everything.

Ginger Lemon is a classic taste that has stomach calming properties and has been used to help relax candy tasters for years. This lovely candy is shaped like little lemons and packs a punch of powerful yet reasonable flavor that will leave you wanting more.

Raspberries and Peaches are two separate candies that taste just like the fruits that they are named after, and they are shaped like them too! Both of these candies have a strong and fruity flavor that will have your mouth watering and leave you struggling to close the bag without just one more! Both Peaches and Raspberries are two of the most popular options.

Watermelon is a soft and sweet candy by Haribo that is packed with juicy watermelon flavor. Every watermelon shaped bite is a delight and gives that reminiscent summertime feeling of eating a watermelon after a long day outside.


Fizzy Cola and Happy Cola are the two soda flavors that Haribo has on the market, and they’re some of the most popular flavors that they produce!

Fizzy Cola gives the popular cola taste with an added fizziness. The outside layer is coated to provide the authentic experience of drinking a cola! You won’t believe it until you try it yourself.

If you’re looking for the cola taste without the fizz, Happy Cola is the candy for you! This delicious candy has the cola taste that we know and love without the fizz, making a pleasant and smooth tasting experience.


While all of Haribo’s candies are shaped in one way or another, they have a few candies that stand out by being branded specifically by their shapes!

Dinosaurs is a popular Haribo candy among children and adults alike. The dinosaur shaped candies are perfect for any event, or just for enjoying at home! The flavors consist of a fruity mix that you will come to know and love!

Alphabet Letters are another popular gummy candy. If you’re looking to mix education with fun, look no further! Who doesn’t want a spelling lesson where they get to eat the letters? These fruity flavored letters are the perfect addition to anyone’s learning experience, or everyday life!

Reach for the stars with the popular Starmix candy, designed to bring an out of this world experience to your taste buds! These delicious gummy candies are shaped like real stars and planets with a fruity taste that everyone loves!

Mini Rainbow Frogs bring all the tastes of the rainbow in an adorable frog shaped gummy. You’ll be hopping along before you know it after tasting these wonderful little treats!

Rattle Snakes bring a spring of mystery with a hint of gummy worms to anyone’s pallet. These fruity flavored snacks are unique and are the perfect treat for anyone who enjoys a great gummy candy!

If you love the Smurfs movies and TV shows, then you’ll love these blue tinted Smurf shaped gummy candies! They’re a delicious treat for any fan and make a great talking point at any event.


You can’t have candy without sour candy! Haribo has a great selection of sour candies that will quench your cravings and leave you wanting more every time!

Between Sour S’ghetti, Sour Bites, Smurf Sours, Sour Streamers, and Sour Gold Bears, we’ve got you covered! All of these delicious sour options pack a strong and mouth clenching taste that will have even the biggest sour enthusiast pleased. They make a great candy for your next birthday party or event, and they’re even better in bulk!

Gold Bears

Gold Bears are Haribo’s most famous candy, and they come in both sour and regular flavors. No matter which one you choose, you’re soon to be met with the same flavor that has carried this company through over one hundred years of business! People have enjoyed these Gold Bears for generations, and for good reason! The fruity flavors and sweet, soft treats are something to remember! 

Haribo Candy Ordering

Haribo candy makes the best candy for any sort of event, birthday party, corporate party, or even just to have on hand! You never want to have to wait for an order to come in when you’re having a craving, so be sure to stock up and order ahead of time!


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