Interested in creating your very own candy buffet for a special event or party?

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We are in a world of DIYers, and maybe you’re one of them! Though there are many companies out there that promise to get everything prepared for you, it’s so much cheaper and more personalized to just do it yourself! Surprisingly, it’s also MUCH easier than it seems to create your own DIY candy bar! I know what you’re thinking and at first glance, it may seem impossible to track down all of the right candy for something like this. You may be thinking that you’re going to be spending hours ordering from multiple sites and crossing your fingers in hopes that everything arrives on time. Maybe at one point this was the reality, but not anymore. I want to make this entire process easier for you!

Here at Candy Online, we have one of the largest selections of bulk candy on the market. From fruity treats to novelty items, we keep a huge stock of all of your favorite sweets and treats. This make it incredibly easy to plan any event! All you have to do is decide what candy you want, add it to your cart, and it’ll be there waiting for your next party or event! It’s that simple. The best thing is that we offer all of our candy at wholesale prices to the general public. You don’t have to be a retailer to take advantage of the deals!

So, are you ready to plan this thing? Let’s dive into some of the great options we have available in bulk for your next candy buffet!

Gummies of all shapes and sizes are a classic and delicious treat that are loved by kids of all ages, even us grown up kids that have bills to pay! Here at Candy Online, we have a HUGE selection of gummies of all shapes and sizes!

Gummy rings add a sweet and simple touch to any bulk candy buffet and are offered in multiple different delicious flavors! Do you prefer raspberry, peach, watermelon, or sour gummy rings? Why not buy one of each and find out?

 Whether you’re planning your child’s zoo themed birthday party or you’re just looking for a wild time, animal candies are the way to go! Treat yourself with classic gummy bears or tempt your taste buds with sour gummy worms. Looking for something different and unique? Give gummy penguins or dino-sours a try! The possibilities are really endless and the creativity that will be unlocked with each of these sweet treats is priceless.

 If you’re looking for creatures that live deep down below, gummy sea life creatures are where you’ll go! We’ve got fish, sharks, red lobsters, blue whales, and octopuses! We’ve even got cute little frogs from the pond. Of course, none of these candies are REAL animals. But how cute would they be for your next under the sea event? Let your guests go fishing in your bulk candy buffet and sit back knowing that you created it all yourself.

Fruity and sweet is always a treat, so come to Candy Online for something unique! We have a HUGE selection of fruity flavors that is guaranteed to please both you and your party guests. Munch on juicy watermelon, peach, or cherry slices, or cool your mouth down with breezy spearmint leaves. We have delicious ju jubes, yummy licorice babies, and the best sour candies you’ve ever had! Marshmallow bananas, strawberry bananas, and cherry tinglers will have your taste buds on cloud nine, we guarantee it. From red berries to strawberry shortcake and everything in between, there is a delicious fruity flavor for every candy lover.

 Maybe you’re throwing a throwback party and you’re looking to bring a little nostalgia into the mix. Fear not, we’ve got you covered! Explore our huge selection of novelty candies and see all of the options available for yourself. Get thrown back to the better days with delicious cola and root beer bottle candies. Prank the kids with the unique and timeless lips, feet, and fangs candies! We have retro Canadian candy for everyone that is sure to bring a smile to your face.

 Candy Online is happy to provide whatever you’re looking for at a fraction of the cost! Shop with us for all of your bulk candy needs. We promise quality and satisfaction! 


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