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Sour Patch Candy Is Well Know

We all know and love the sour enough to make your lips pucker and sweet enough to keep you coming back for the experience of Sour Patch Kids.  In fact, we bet if you asked your friends and family if they have a favorite Sour Patch Kids flavor not a single one of them would raise an eyebrow wondering what the heck you’re talking about.  That’s how well-known Sour Patch Kids are.

When you manage to find the candy section in a grocery shop anywhere in the world, you'll be presented with an almost infinite variety of sweets, including chocolate, hard candies, and fruity, enjoyable gummies. On the other hand, you don't always desire something sweet. Sometimes you want something with a pleasant surprise in it, and Sour Patch Kids is one of the candies that delivers this better than the others. If you’re not already selling them in your convenience store, gas bar, farm market, or candy store we suggest you change that ASAP.

One of the top sellers in the candy industry

Sour Patch Kids is one of many food products currently represented by Mondelez International (the American snack company owns everything from Ritz crackers and Philadelphia cream cheese to Chips Ahoy and Oreo cookies). According to Chicago-based research firm IRI, as of 2021, Sour Patch Kids is the most popular jelly sweet in the country.

When it comes to sour candy Sour Patch Kids rates as number 3 out of 50 sour candies that were studied for their popularity.

Great packaging with excellent customer response

The packaging of Sour Patch Kids has gone through a few makeovers since the candy was first introduced to Canadians in the early 1970s.  Even their name changed from Mars Men (because they were originally designed to resemble Martians) to Sour Patch Kids in the early 1980s when Cabbage patch kids became popular.

Beginning in 2012, the dotted pattern on the edge of Sour Patch Kids bags was replaced by a miniature version of the candy. As a result, mountains of Sour Patch Kids are falling out from every bag of candy.

Today Sour Patch kids have a vibrant packaging that attracts the eye and is instantly recognizable by shoppers looking to fulfill their sweet and sour cravings.

Consumers look for this item in particular

Whether they’re on a road trip and looking for a satisfying candy to munch on or at a movie theater concession stocking up on big screen snacks, Sour Patch Kids are sought after by customers.  The marketing of Sour Patch Kids is targeted toward teens, the demographic who generally has pocket money to spend and are driven by trends and food. The innovative branding of Sour Patch Kids, including a reality based prom themed game show, has proven itself when we look at the sales stats.  342 million dollars worth of Sour Patch Kids were sold in 2020.  They’re outpacing the other non-chocolate candy.

Loved by candy lovers of all ages.

Because of their initial sour hit, quickly followed up by sweet that soothes the taste buds, Sour Patch Kids are loved by candy lovers of all ages.  The bright packaging appeals to the under ten crowd, as discussed above, the zany antics of their marketing make Sour Patch Kids a trendy candy for teens.  Even adults crave the variety of flavors and the satisfying sour sweet combo that envelops their mouths.

Not only that, Sour Patch Kids have created a culture that appeals to the masses. From various collaborations with other brands such as Chips Ahoy a classic cookie brand that all generations recognize to YouTube influencers such as Markiplier who did a seven video series about Sour Patch Kids, they are on everybody’s mind.

Excellent and popular flavors

The original flavors of Sour Patch Kids were red (cherry) green (lime) yellow (lemon) and orange (orange).  However, when consumers petitioned to have blue (blue raspberry) added to the gang, it was an instant hit and quickly became the most popular flavor, even earning its own individual package. 

Sour Patch Kids has some amazing specialty flavors packaged up and ready to be enjoyed.  These include Tropical Sour Patch Kids, Extreme Sour Sour Patch Kids, and Crush Sour Patch Kids, They literally have a flavor for everybody.

It’s even possible to get a solid flavor package of some of the flavors.  Grape, strawberry, and blue raspberry are some of the flavors that made the cut to go solo, but don’t worry they’re still available in your favorite mixed bags as well.

Important to create a Sour Patch Candy section in your stores

Whether you run a movie theater concession, a corner store, or a candy store at the local mall, you need to have a Sour Patch Kids section in your stores. Not only will all of the bright cheerful packaging catch the eye of anybody who walks into your establishment, but it will help your customers quickly find their favorite candy and make a purchase.

Having a large Sour Patch Kids variety on display allows your customers a wide selection of flavors and lets them know your store is well stocked to feed their Sour Patch Kids cravings.

Sour Patch Kids Flavors

Red- Cherry

Blue- Blue Raspberry

Yellow- Lemon

Orange- Orange

Green- Lime

Purple- Grape

Light Pink- Strawberry

White- Pineapple

Pink- Paradise Punch

Orange (Tropical)- Passion Fruit

Purple (Tropical)- Tropical Twist


Whether your customers are seeking out nostalgic flavors from their childhood that they want to share with new generations, or they’re looking to be part of the in crowd when it comes to their candy purchases, Sour Patch Kids checks all of the boxes. With its unique profile and variety of flavors, it’s a fun and tasty treat at any age and people seek it out to satisfy many purposes in their lives. Keep your store well stocked with the many flavors to keep customers coming back for more.

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