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If you’re a retail business looking to stock your shelves with tasty, sweet, candy treats and delicious, satisfying snacks, it’s important to find the right candy wholesaler to purchase from. The wholesaler you choose will be more than a business transaction. They will become a partner invested in the success of your ventures.  When you’re winning, they’re winning.

A good reliable wholesaler with a wide variety of confectionery products will make your convenience store, gar bar, farm market, or candy stores much stronger by promptly supplying stores with the latest candy and snacks.

When choosing the candy to make available to your customers, a good mix of nostalgic, new, exciting, and appealing to the taste buds should all be considered.

Good Reputation and reviews

The easiest way to see if a candy wholesaler will be a good fit for your candy business is by reading the reviews.

Are other people reporting that this candy wholesaler has good business practices? Are other people's experiences lining up with the experiences you hope to have when choosing a candy wholesaler to work with?
Check out how many reviews there are this is a good indicator of the size of the wholesale operation you're dealing with.
Take a look at the negative reviews and keep in mind not everybody has something positive to say. Pay attention to how the wholesaler responded to the negative review. Have they attempted to make it right with that customer? If that were you would you be satisfied with that resolution?

If a majority of the reviews are positive and there appears to be good communication when a problem arises, it's time to look at some other areas of the candy wholesaler you're investigating.

How long has the candy wholesaler been in business?

A candy wholesaler that has been established for a lengthy amount of time is a good sign. It means they’re committed to their business and won’t leave you in a pickle by closing up shop and moving on.  They’ve also dealt with a larger variety of issues that may arise when sourcing candy and snacks and getting them to sellers.

A long time wholesaler will be incredibly knowledgeable about the products they carry, what is hot and trending in the confectionery industry, and how to market these snacks and treats to the public. has been online since 2008. That’s well over a decade of candy wholesale experience!

Always adding new and exciting candy products to their website.

When customers are browsing the shelves in your convenience store or stopping by your booth at a farmers market you want to have something new to catch their eye.  You also want trendy products so the group of ten year olds with money to burn in their pockets can buy the “in” candy and fit in with their friends. Candy isn’t just food, it can be a whole experience.

Sitting on the front steps with a FunDip talking with your friends about the teacher you want for grade 6.

Popping gummy bears into your mouth with the tunes flowing on a road trip.

These are the gems of life that are enhanced by candy and with the right wholesaler, you can give your customers memories that last lifetimes.

You also want to be able to buy inclusive candy and treats from your candy wholesaler so as many people as possible can enjoy the wares on your shelves. offers Halal candy to give you this opportunity.

Fast delivery across Canada

When you place your candy order you want it delivered quickly.  The sooner you have it on your doorstep the sooner you can start selling.  That’s what we want too. Good candy wholesalers will have researched the fastest delivery options that won’t break the bank.

Fresh candy and snacks

Products that are close to their expiry dates are problem causing. They’re less appealing to customers, their viable selling time is less and they often end up being wasted. Check out the freshness of the candy and snacks when you’re researching a wholesaler.  Are they passing on inventory that is close to expiry or are they providing the freshest candy and snacks possible to their retail clients?

The freshness of wholesaler stock is also a good indication of how often their inventor turns over.  This tells you about the long term viability of the company you’re choosing to deal with.

Excellent selection of candy

You want a one stop candy wholesaler.  Someone who has everything you need so that you can create an ordering flow that is smooth and easy. This will save time and energy that can be invested back into your business.

At we offer licorice, sour candy, novelty candy, theater box candy, fudge, American chocolate bars, halal candy, old fashion candy, saltwater taffy, and more.

We strive to help you streamline your wholesale candy experience.

True wholesale pricing

Businesses that don’t make a profit, don’t stay in business. That’s why making sure your candy wholesaler is offering true wholesale pricing is super important.  How can you tell if the prices are true wholesale prices?  Shop around.  Check to make sure your candy wholesaler’s prices are in line with other wholesalers.  You want to see that they’re comparable to or even better competitive with other industry leaders.

Easy to contact

If candy is your business, you want to be confident that the people you’ve chosen to help you run your business are available to smooth out any wrinkles that pop up. While we strive to have a seamless process for our clients, sometimes there are questions that need answers or issues that need speedy solutions. Ask if your candy wholesaler is easy to get a hold of.

There are several ways to contact including the contact webform on our site, through snail mail, email, and through our social media accounts, but the fastest and best method is over the phone.  There will be a real live person who answers our phone during business hours to walk you through and help you with any struggle that may come up.


Choosing a candy wholesaler can be a daunting task and requires some research.  We hope this article helps you as you search for the best wholesaler to meet your candy selling needs.

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