Create a Bulk Candy Department in Your Store

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Bulk candy can be extremely profitable depending on how it is marketed. Unlike regular line of candy bulk can easily fetch a healthy margins.

Sell by the cup or by weight. Customers would love the opportunity to pick and choose what flavors of bulk they want. Fill a cup of assorted candy for $2.00 and earn a margin of 50-70%. This of course is just an example.  You could either get a four-compartment bulk bin on the counter or a 20-compartment bulk bin on the floor as an end isle display. Also, you can create a nostalgic look by using a glass cookie jar at the counter to display your bulk candy. Don’t forget the tong.  A bulk display will set you store apart.

Candy bag and change makers

Make up small baggies of candy and sell them as a change maker on the counter of your store. Extremely profitable and your customers will love it. Create themes using color or type. For example, gummy fish and animal or different flavors of gummy rings or even spring flavors like peach ring and strawberry and marshmallow bananas. You can also create a halal candy program as well.

Nostalgic Flavors

young kids love the gummy rings, bears and worms as well as sour candy, however older customers choose the retro or nostalgic bulk varieties that remind them of trip to the corner store back in the 60’ and 70’ when candy was 2 for a nickel. Mojos where 2 for a penny. Imagine that!

These Retro Bulk candy flavors include:

  • Mojos
  • Licorice Babies
  • Spearmint leaves (green leaves)
  • Marshmallow Bananas
  • Strawberry Marshmallows
  • Blue whales
  • Cherry twist
  • Allan Big Foot
  • Allan Hot Lips
  • Caramels

 Perfect fit for any stores

Bulk candy isn’t just for bulk food stores anymore. You can add a bulk candy department to almost any store including Candy Stores, Gas Stations, Convenience and Variety Stores, Pharmacies, General and Country stores and of Course grocers.

Small investment

It’s a small investment compared to the potential return. It’s easy to finds used bulk bins online at an amazing price. Check regularly and you will eventually find a floor display or even a multi compartment counter bin. If that fails, you can buy new. It’s not that expensive. Bulk Candy usually sells in 2.5 to 5 lb bags and the average wholesale price is about $3.00 per pound.

Rotate Stock

Always remember to rotate stock every two weeks.  Bulk candy loses it freshness more rapidly when opened and stored in bulk bins.


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