Peg Bag Candy Sells Fast and Looks Great

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It’s easy! You can easily create a peg bag program in your store that will look amazing (colorful and eye appealing) and will increase sales and foot traffic. Find a spot, perhaps on one of the gondolas or on a wall. Make sure it’s well lit. You may have to invest in a 4’ x 8’ sheet of slat wall and some peg hooks. For about $500 Wholesale you can purchase an amazing selection of peg candy in all flavors. Truly a small investment that will add a new dimension to your store.

Looks Great

A well thought out peg bag program will look amazing in your store. Customers will stand back and look at the amazing colors and variety. Give your customers a wide variety of bag candy to choose from and they will keep coming back.

Great for all Store

Peg Bag Candy sells well in almost any store including gas bars, convenience stores, farm markets, grocers, discount and dollar stores. There should be something for everyone who walks into your stores.

Candy for All Ages

Remember some flavors like old fashioned candy, mints as well as licorice will do better where there are adults and older youths. Seniors love cinnamon, lemon drop, horehound and sour apple hard candy. And in areas where there are kid and young adults you will see more sales of gummy candy, sour candy, sour belts, jelly beans, caramels and salt water taffy as well as novelty bag candy, in other words kids candy.

The Right Candy Wholesaler

Make sure you find the right candy wholesale distributor that can supply you with a diverse selection of bag candy that serves your customer’s needs. More importantly candy that is fresh with a long expiry date. It is equally important that you maintain a consistent supply. Customer get extremely disappointed when they can’t find their favorite candy.

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