C-Stores and Grocers Are Upping Their Game with Retro and Nostalgic Candy

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In recent years convenience stores and other retailers that sell candy have seen a steep decline in in Business. This can be attributed to the big box stores as well as the proliferation of dollar store chains. However, some expericing success by adding a retro and nostalgic candy department to their stores and as a result peaking the interest of customers.

Retro Bulk Candy

At one point during the 70’s and 80’s almost every Convenience Store, Video Store, Drug Store and Gas Bar in Ontario that sold candy had retro and nostalgic candy that was unique.  Canadian bulk candy was manufactured in London Ontario by McCormick Candy and in Hamilton, Ontario by Allan Candy. Allan and McCormick Candy came in boxes back then and sold for 5 cent per piece. Now they are offered in 300 count bulk bags. An excellent idea would be to create a section with retro and nostalgic bulk candy on the counter. Of course, you can’t sell for a nickel, but there is big profit in this idea.

Famous Flavors Include:

  • Allan Big Foot
  • Allan Hot Lips
  • Allan Jub Jubes
  • Allan Watermelon Slices
  • Allan Sour Keys
  • Allan Wine Gums
  • McCormicks Marshmallow Bananas
  • McCormicks Marshmallow Strawberries
  • McCormicks Spearmint Leaves
  • McCormicks Licorice Babies
  • McCormicks Blue Whales
  • McCormicks Dinosaurs and so on

Nostalgic Candy

Remember sell only nostalgic candy that is off the wall but not too far of the wall. In other words, unique but familiar. A nostalgic candy department would set you back 5 or $600 but that is such a small investment and would do so much. Not only would you have a very sellable product line, but also it would look awesome in yours store. Some cool retro candy ideas are:

  • Cow Tales Candy
  • Bubble Gum Cigars
  • Swirl Pops on a Tree
  • Gourmet Lollipops
  • Rock Candy on a Stick
  • Abba Zaba
  • Licorice
  • Sour Suckers
  • Gummy Candy
  • And so, on

Adding a retro and nostalgic candy department to your stores is an absolute must if you want to stay relevant in these uncertain times. A small investment with excellent potential. Be sure your candy wholesale has a good selection of retro and nostalgic candy.


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