Three Good Reasons to Buy Candy by the Box

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1) Wholesale prices. When you buy you candy wholesale in box quantities, you will easily save 40% compared to buying candy in singles. We offer 20 count American candy bars for about $24.00 which nets down to $1.20 per bar. This is significantly lower than single prices candy bars online which are about $2.00 or $2.50 each or more. Remember, most candy bars, taffy and novelty candy have a long expiry. Nearly one year or more.

2) Lower Shipping cost. When all tallied (on average) up you will save about 50% or more in shipping fees per unit. Three candy bars will cost you about the same shipping cost as 20 candy bars.

3) Low price loot bags and candy buffets. You can let your creativity run wild and by putting together some cool and awesome loot bags or a candy buffets for fraction of pre-made bags or catered candy tables. The average cost per unit of candy bars, Laffy Taffy, or novelty candy, is about $1.50 or less and novelty bubble gum (Hubba Bubba, Bubblicious) is about $1.00 per unit. Six units per bag will average out to about $7.50 per loot bag. Amazing price for some awesome loot bags or candy buffet. Even greater saving with bulk candy.

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